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The Bisbee’s Angler Billboard can be used by anglers and teams to look for additional teammates, find a boat, find a team or list equipment needed. Just email you information to and we’ll get it posted here.

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As tournament season approaches you may need an angler to join your team or you may want to join a team.  This is the place to post your needs, wants, items for sale, or general comments.  This page is designed to be our "angler's only" area.  It is completely free to post on this page and we will not post any professional solicitations.  If you have something you would like to post, use our contact page to drop a line.


Los Cabos Offshore Tournament

Anglers needed for Los Cabos Offshore Tournament. 
I have the 61’ Viking  with captain and mates. I need some anglers to share in the cost of fuel and entry fees for the Bisbee Offshore Tournament. 

Contact:  Ronald
Phone:  1-214-337-9460

Experienced Angler

Looking for team for Cabo Offshore. Tournament, Experience in Hawaii, Mexico, Alaska and more. Mike, 541-786-3948

Contact:  Mike McNeill
Phone:  541.786.3948

Bisbee Experienced!

Experienced bisbee angler, looking for crew position.

200 ton master coast Guard license. 

Also, available for deliveries. 

Contact:  Ritchie Allen

I'm an experience tournament angler.  I had to take a couple of year's off of fishing the Bisbee's but I'm ready to go now!  Please contact me if you're interested in teaming up.

Contact:  David Faylor
Phone:  949-510-5679

Looking to join a team...

I am an experienced angler and I'm interested in joining a team to fish the Black & Blue.  Please contact me if you're interested.

Contact:  Bill Suser