Angler Billboard

The Bisbee’s Angler Billboard can be used by anglers and teams to look for additional teammates, find a boat, find a team or list equipment needed. Just email you information to and we’ll get it posted here.

Black & Blue

Back again for the Black n Blue this year... were looking for a couple team members, we have a great boat and and two excellent anglers with great experience all we need is you to help round out the effort and win.

Minimal costs to enter.. give us a call.

Contact:  Big Dave
Phone:  9495105679

Available for Crew and or deliveries to and from the Bisbee Tournaments.

Experienced Bisbee Angler

Coast Guard Licensed 200 ton master

Contact:  Ritchie Allen

2020 Black & Blue

I have a paid registration as well as some money aside for the dailies. I am looking for a solid boat, partner(s), captain and capable anglers. I live in Ottawa but have a place in Cabo. I will be in Cabo Oct 16-27 for the tournament and any planning that might need to take place. 

If you're interested or know a team that might be looking to join the Bisbee this year, please let me know. Tight lines!

Contact:  Aaron Nault
Phone:  613-371-3793

Give me a Ring

Looking for another team membert?  Give me a ring.  I'm interested!

Contact:  Tim Marquez
Phone:  818-402-6657

3 Anglers Needed onboard the Caliente

I am looking for anglers for the Black and Blue tournament. I have charted the Caliente for the tournament. I need 3 anglers who are willing to pay their share across all of the entries.

Contact:  George Vink
Phone:  +1 (904) 808-5800

2020 Los Cabos Offshore

We are looking for a couple of anglers who want to fish the 2020 Los Cabos Offshore.  We have fished that tournament 2 times already.  I have a boat that we charter every time we are down there.  Contact me if interested.

Contact:  Nathan
Phone:  916-215-4514