Angler Billboard

The Bisbee’s Angler Billboard can be used by anglers and teams to look for additional teammates, find a boat, find a team or list equipment needed. Just email you information to and we’ll get it posted here.

2021 Bisbee's Los Cabos Offshore

We are looking for teammates for the 2021 Bisbee’s Los Cabos Offshore. We have a 65’ Hatteras for the boat and state of the art gear. We are just Looking for a team to win!!

Contact:  Steve McInnis
Phone:  (503) 969-7591

2021 Bisbee's LCO or B&B

Looking to join an angling team. Offshore fishing experience, no sea sickness, willing to do whatever is needed. Mechanical skills. Can buy in.

Contact:  Corey Busker

If you need another team member for 2021 Black and Blue, please contact me!

Contact:  Mike Ciardullo
Phone:  602-290-6101

Give me a Ring

Looking for another team member?  Give me a ring.  I'm interested!

Contact:  Tim Marquez
Phone:  818-402-6657