Bisbee Tournaments October Countdown

  • Gary Graham - That Baja Guy
  • Oct 7, 2021

As the Bisbee Cabo Offshore and the Bisbee Black and Blue drew closer, Tournament Director Wayne Bisbee observed, "The number of teams that registered for the East Cape Offshore in August was 96, an increase of 42%. In addition, the payout was the largest ever at $1,582,975, so we anticipate our Cabo registration numbers will increase as well.  And, of course, as numbers increase, so do the payouts. So, we should have great tournaments this year!   

He continued, "In addition, almost all COVID restrictions have been lifted, which allows the events to return to normal. The one exception is the "everyone must always wear a mask" requirement stipulated by the state government."

And he and I both sighed in relief.

The events for both Bisbee Tournaments will be headquartered on the marina side of Puerto Parisio Mall for Registration, Kickoff parties, and Weigh-ins. Awards for the Los Cabos Offshore will be back at Maria Corona Restaurant, and Black and Blue Awards will be back at the API Cruise Ship Pier.

Conservarion logo

Bisbee’s Fish & Wildlife Conservation Fund’s online auction and raffle will kick off on October 14 and run during both tournaments.  It will end the day after the Black & Blue’s awards banquet.

Proceeds benefit The Green Scholarship Program which provides underprivileged Los Cabos students with college scholarship opportunities, the Bisbee’s revolutionary new RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Tagging Program, and our Nkwe Tactical Training Academy wildlife anti-poaching program in South Africa. So, be sure to go online on October 14 and check it out. Also, be sure to buy your raffle tickets from Jordyn Bisbee or contact her team on-site at the Black & Blue Tournament.

Charity boat program

Also, check out what the Los Cabos Children's Foundation's Bisbee's Challenge is all about. It's a very cool approach to raising money for them while having fun in the process.

We are welcoming Native Spirit Tequila and D-Dey Response Group on the sponsor front as our new corporate partners. Both will be on-site at the Black & Blue, and they'd love to meet and chat with y'all and show you their awesome products and services.

Native Spirit Tequila

Native Spirit Tequila is a 100% native-American, double-gold, award veteran, a woman-owned company in Las Vegas, Nevada. Founded by LJ Wilson, a native American from the Wiyot and Yurok Tribes of Northern California, she has formulated her personal bad-ass special, filtered "Smooth Ride" tasting tequila and is the first woman in history to make and import her own brand, so come on down and help us taste it!

D-Dey Offshore

D-Dey Offshore brings cutting-edge maritime emergency medical kits and training to the in, near, and offshore fishing and yachting industry, as well as other austere environments. Their program prepares boat owners and families, captains and crews, farmers and ranchers, marina facilities, and staff at remote estates and maritime specialty units to handle medical emergencies at sea and beyond. This company's products and services are a total must-have for all of us!


As a reminder, Baja Jerky will be with us again and is still offering their tournament discount on their killer beef jerky. Head over to and enter code BISBEE15 for 15% OFF your order!" Baja Jerky is a high-protein snack that's bursting with the vibrant flavors of Baja without loads of sugar or sodium. That means a delicious, highly portable snack that can keep you going all day out on the water while you're looking for that Tournament-winning, million-dollar fish. 

Pelagic logo

Pelagic is expanding their on-site booth to facilitate a big blowout of surplus 2020 inventory they have, so you'll be able to grab some extra great stuff at extra great prices at this year's Black & Blue Tournament. 

Forty-one years later, the three Bisbee Family events have exceeded the ONE MILLION DOLLAR THRESHOLD multiple times, distributing 18 checks exceeding ONE MILLION DOLLARS to individual Teams!

"It's one of the richest events in all of sport fishing, so if you want a shot at the big bucks, be sure to enter as many of the optional jackpots as your wallet will allow. On the plus side, you'll be wetting a line in one of sport fishing's greatest destinations, so you're already a winner the moment you step off the plane in Cabo."… Sam White, Editor-in-Chief, Marlin.