Wowza!!! The 2021 Bisbee Los Cabos Offshore has begun!

  • Gary Graham - That Baja Guy
  • Oct 16, 2021

Registration Team

When registration began at 3 p.m. on Thursday, a few teams were waiting in line to add or delete team members, make their final payment, or pick up their swag. CatchStat had signaled earlier that the LCO tournament was on track to set attendance and jackpot records, so everyone was eager to see what the final counts would be. 

Wayne Bisbee greeted the arriving teams and directed them to the appropriate station. Jordyn Bisbee fast-tracked the teams that had their paperwork in order, while other team members, Justin ???, Trica Bisbee, Jill Christiansen, and David Garcia, processed those that needed to make changes. While Jack Teschel and Bert Merritt assisted.

It quickly became clear that the entrance was a Sportfishing Groupie's paradise as many of the big winners from over the years had all decided it was time to take another shot at the BIG MONEY that was up for grabs. In no order, some of the teams that won over $1 million in a Bisbee event in the past that were spotted around the entrance to the registration table were Tiger Spirit, Frantic Pace, Retriever, Sea Angel, Sporty Game, Tranquilo, Quitena, Chinito Bonito, Tranquillo, Wild Hooker, True Grit, and Bad Company.

There was jockeying around by many to hear any updated fish dope. But, of course, the consensus was mainly negative following "Hurricane Pamela's" close call during the prior week. Steve Lassley and John Dominic were picking each other's brains when Dominic turned to me and volunteered that "Anybody that tells you conditions are good is full of crap!!!"

Throughout the afternoon, the Bisbee team kept expediting the waiting teams through the registration process. Meanwhile, the Cabo Max, a tournament favorite, had everyone rocking before the 7 p.m. Captains' Meeting got underway. Then, at last, Wayne strolled out on stage with Clicerio Mercado along to translate into Spanish.

Bisbee could barely contain his enthusiasm as he began by reporting that the number of the team's and the jackpot's sizes were astonishing! And while he waited for the final totals, as there were still a few teams registering,
he thanked all of the teams for participating.

Bisbee money

When he had the final unofficial participation totals, he announced – "187 teams with a total payout of $1,965,200."He continued by saying, "Although I usually am an optimistic person with good judgment, regarding the expected number of team members this year, I missed the mark! As a result, there are approximately 40 teams that will have to wait for their Swag Bags… which I will order immediately!"

 registration crowd
After covering the rules and other important tournament information, Bisbee wished everyone good luck and demanded that they all "Bring Me A BIG Fish!"

registration fireworks

Then Cabo Max entertained the crowd before a remarkable FIREWORKS display

boats heading out
This morning, the fleet of 187 Team boats headed out of the Marina. It was a stunning sight. The largest number of teams fishing in a tournament with nearly $2 million up for grabs made their way out to the designated starting line searching for wealth and glory, or is it the other way around?

The Start boat was filled with dignitaries and friends eager to be part of the of this momentous event held here in Cabo.

Flaregun start

Participating in the firing of the flare gun from left to right were; Juan Javier García, Ricardo Zeger, Carlos elihu navega Navarrete,  Óscar Leggs Castro (City Mayor), Jorge Méndez, Donna Jeffries, Irlanda fisher,  and Miguel Cedeño.