Wowza! $2,183,700!

  • Gary Graham-That Baja Guy
  • Oct 22, 2022

During the past 42 years, Bisbee Tournaments have had many momentous events, including breaking the Million Dollar Ceiling in two of the three events:

The Black and Blue       2003 Que Sera $1,165,230 first Million dollar check ever awarded in a Sportfishing Tournament!

The East Cape Offshore 2022 Stella June $1,286,385

The Los Cabos Offshore 2018 TBA

However, on Friday, 184 Teams anxiously awaited the final seconds of count-down on the first day of the 24th Annual Los Cabos Offshore Tournament for the most considerable amount EVER in the two-day event.

Wayne Bisbee marveled, "Once again, the Bisbee family is celebrating the importance of this historic year when we will issue checks exceeding ONE MILLION DOLLARS in all three of our events!"

Twenty-four years ago, Bisbee Tournaments introduced the Offshore series at East Cape. At that time, a MILLION DOLLAR Jackpot, let alone an individual Million Dollar check for a Team, was just a Bisbee Fantasy. It was 2018 when late-comer Los Cabos Offshore Tournament achieved the One Million Dollar overall mark first, followed by East Cape Offshore in 2020 with a $1,100,000 Jackpot.

In addition to breaking the TWO MILLION DOLLAR barrier, there was an additional breakthrough in streamlining the check-in for Bisbee Tournaments.

Fast Track Jill smilingAlthough it wasn't perfect, and there were a few glitches, Bisbee's new "High-Tech Registration Solution!" couldn't have come at a better time. Many Teams began to descend upon the Registration office at Puerto Paraiso Mall, and instead of standing in a long line, they moved on past after giving their cell number to a Bisbee Team member. Everyone seemed happy with the outcome, judging by the smiling faces.

The crowd grew as the "Cabo Max" crew made final adjustments, and unique sounds reverberated around the mall.


Captains meetingThe Captain's Meeting was called to order by a breathless Wayne Bisbee, who had dashed onto the stage as the Cabo Max finished the set's final song.

After greeting the large crowd and bringing them up to date on the event's latest Tournament Statistics (mentioned above), Bisbee introduced Clicerio Mercado, who acted as translator. Since there were no fundamental rule changes, Bisbee's task was completed in record time.

This allowed Cabo Mex to resume their show. The delighted crowd continued to enjoy the music, mingle, and check out the assorted items offered from the many stalls on the mall.

Long before the sun was up on Day One of the two-day event, the fleet of 184 Team boats blended with the Catamaran, the Great Escape, which would provide the imaginary start line. The Great Escape accommodates the many dignitaries, team members, and tourists who eagerly get up early to be part of the unique Flare Gun Start.

Start Shot of dignitaries

The Great Escape rocks gently, and the spectators laugh and enjoy meeting and talking with each other until everyone on the boat is advised to sit down and hang on. Then, as the dignitaries shoot the flares across the morning sky, the deafening roars of hundreds of engines drown out every other sound, and the wakes of the large and small boats leave large wakes behind as they speed toward the horizon. Finally, evenly split, some head up into the Sea of Cortez while others go around Lands' End into the Pacific.

"CatchStat" noted that the first fish reported was Team Shoe with a Black Marlin hooked at 8:16 am. Johnny Tsunami Fuentes released it.  

By the end of the day at 5:00 pm, the catch included: 1 Black Marlin, 23 Blue Marlin, 25 Dolphin (Dorado), 8 Sailfish, 66 Striped Marlin, and 9 Yellowfin Tuna, for a Total Catch Count of 131.

Largest Dorado day one

Daily Gamefish - Dorado Day One

Rank                      Team       Angler            Species            Weight

1      Puros Amigos PCP Enrique Sanchez     Dolphin           52-pounds

2      Will Rise                       Gil Rangel              Dolphin          47-pounds

3      Wildcatters             Francisco Dominguez Dolphin        41-pounds

4      Team Crazy Bout It        Joseph Keller          Dolphin          36.6-pounds

Yellowfin tuna

Daily Gamefish - Tuna Day 1

Rank       Team       Angler                                   Species                       Weight

1      Fellin Azul      Juan Guillermo Amador         Yellowfin Tuna      176-pounds

2      Bull Rider       Trent Twamley                      Yellowfin Tuna      151-pounds

3      Julieta             Daniel Miranda                      Yellowfin Tuna      122.7-pounds

Release Category

Rank      Team                    Points

1             Toreros                 1600

2             Freebird                  900

3             Predator                   600

4             SHOE                      600

5             Plowboy                  500

6             El Suertudo             500

7             Go Deep Go Cabo   400

8             Tuna South              300

9             TAG Team              300

10           Puros Amigos PCP 300

"All the caught fish were donated to "Hope for Los Cabos," according to Jen Limpert. "And it amounted to approximately 4,185 meals provided with this fish. Today's fish went to an impoverished community in the arroyos in Cabo called Lagunitas. It will feed many families for months – a men's rehabilitation center and a children's feeding center all in this community."

Since there were no qualifying billfish caught on Day One, the dailies for billfish in the amount of approximately $1,584,000 became the amount for Saturday's daily.  Obviously, the Teams were eager for the Day Two to begin, so they could catch that perfect billfish that would change their lives forever! 

  "BRING ME A FISH,"...Wayne Bisbee.