ECO Day One Worst Start ever!

  • Gary Graham - That Baja Guy
  • Aug 4, 2023

Flare3FLARE 5

The first day yielded a few surprises for the 98 Teams and their crews. The use of Flares for frivolous things like Sportfishing Tournaments is outlawed. Yep, it turns out it is an old regulation that was not enforced until recently.

Well apparently, it didn’t discourage the 98 Teams in search of their Chance at a MILLION DOLLAR payday. There are myriad of way to accomplish the goal. Depending on the number and size of the “Jackpots” entered.

By the end of the day, the results were impressive.

Heaviest Tuna

Rank        Team       Angler      Species     Points

1       Caprichoso      Aristoteles Regalo    Yellowfin Tuna 85.9-lbs.

Team Burro With yellowfin

2      BURRO    Mauricio Guluarte   Yellowfin Tuna 66.8-lbs

3      North Star        Alonso Alatorre Rubio     Yellowfin Tuna        63.5-lbs


4      Altamar   Guillermo David Gomez Trejo Yellowfin Tuna        53.2-lbs

5       Team Crudo     Emanuel Bernal       Yellowfin Tuna         52.3-lbs

6      Pescadores de Fuego        Nick Dragonmire         Yellowfin Tuna 47-lbs


Heaviest Dorado

Rank        Team       Angler      Species     Points

1       LOS PLEBES   David Galvez Flores   Dolphin   44.7-lbs

2      Mi Sueno Chris Campanella    Dolphin   44-lbs

3      Real'n & Deal'n        Frank Halcovich      Dolphin         40.5lbs.

4      Buffalo Sportfishing Cathy Sainsbury      Dolphin         39.2

5       Lucky       Juan Jose Lopez Dolphin   32.3-lbs

 $2k Release Category

Rank        Team       Points

1      Retriever 500

2      El Suertudo   400

3      Pour Decisions 300

4      Sporty Game    300

5       TAG Team       300

6      Will 2 Win 2     300

7       Jersey Girl Sportfishing   300

Bottom-line what Wayne dubbed the worst start ever evolved into one of the best single days in recent memory.

With a steady stream of all the species in the contest. Later after lines out at dinner Wayne, and Axel Valdez, the voice of “Radio Control” acknowledged it had been a memorable day at the scale.