Day 3 belonged to Gamefish Division

  • Gary Graham-That Baja Guy
  • Aug 8, 2023

After a busy Day One at the weigh station, followed by a slower Day Two, Trish Bisbee and her crew at ECO wondered what to expect from the fleet on the third and final day.

At Radio Control, Axel Valdez fielded reports of a few released Sailfish and Stripers, announcing that the team aboard the "El Patron," with angler David Fattalah, had released a Striped Marlin, and a handful of other teams had released a few as well.

The "Retriever" reported Luis Lucero had released a Sailfish, followed by a Yellowfin Tuna and a few Dorado taken by those fishing in the Gamefish Division.

However, the radio remained remarkably quiet as those Teams searched for the right fish to earn them the privilege of being on the Awards Stage on Sunday night.

Mild weather remained despite warnings to the contrary. And once again, as in all high-stakes tournament sportfishing, the DEVIL is in the details!"

One team was not diligent in ensuring that the Tournament leader's length was adhered to precisely.

A double line (leader line) consists of the actual line used to catch the fish. It shall be limited to 30 feet overall and be measured from the start of the knot, braid, roll, or splice, making the double line to the farthermost end of the knot splice, snap, swivel, or other devices used for securing the trace, leader lure, or hook to the double line.

One Team on Saturday was careless in measuring their double line/leader length; consequently, their qualifying gamefish had to be disqualified, costing them a cash prize. 

Catch Stats Day 3 Species   Count

Black Marlin         1
Blue Marlin           3
Dolphin                  8
Sailfish                  11
Striped Marlin      8
Yellowfin Tuna      11

Catch Count          42

 $500 Daily Jackpot Day 3

Rank     Team    Angler  Species Points

 Heaviest Dorado Day 3

Rank       Team      Angler    Species   Points

Buenaventura tuna

1       Buenaventura        Brad Terry     Dolphin 40.6

2      Team La Chata      Todd Pruitt    Dolphin 32.4

3      Bull Rider      Trent Twamley     Dolphin 32.3

 Heaviest Tuna Day 3

Rank       Team      Angler    Species   Points

Team Crudo Yellowfin

1       Team Crudo Sharluko Peralta   Yellowfin Tuna         51.5

2      Team Too Awesome     Lucas Loynes Yellowfin Tuna       42