Norma, Norma, NORMA!

  • Gary Graham-That Baja Guy
  • Oct 19, 2023

2022 is in the rearview mirror and the 43rd Annual Bisbee’s Annual extravaganza is less than 24 hours away. As usual, the Bisbee Team led by one of the most enthusiastic families hosting sportfishing tournaments on the planet. They have outdone themselves for this one.

After years of working out of vacant storefronts on the mall graciously provided by Puerto Paraiso Mall. Bisbee’s is movin' on…

Remarkably, another family business that is 3 years older than Bisbee’s 43 years. Go figure, two companies older than 4 decades. Families that have carved their own notch is an unusual unique industry.

Registration Tent under construction  Registration Tent

Our registration tents are just inside the door of “Luxury Avenue”, see you there! Luxury Avenue is a leader in the trade of more than 200 luxury brands with three business units and a presence in seven states around Mexico. All the teams are invited to wander around their impressive facility and check it out.

After registering the Team bags can be picked up at the usual spot next to the scale. Take a dry run checking out the scale and its location. So, when you bring in that winning fish you will know exactly how to get there despite your excitement.


  • 3:00-7:00 pm Registration and distribution of team bags is inside Luxury Avenue at Puerto Paraiso Mall (marina side).
  • 7:00 pm Captain's Meeting, Puerto Paraiso Mall (on stage next to weigh station). One team member must attend.

If you haven’t already checked out our Sponsor page take a few minutes to browse online Sponsors

Then be sure to allow some time to cruise the stalls along the Malecon and thank them for their ongoing support.



October 18, 2023

Hello all,

Today was a full day in the hurricane monitoring world. Since last night's update, the storm picked up some speed and IF the current tracking predictions end up being correct it will arrive sooner than when it was predicted to land last night.

This is actually good news for the Black & Blue Tournament, as it will be leaving Cabo that much sooner, however, it means that the likelihood of the port captain closing the port during the Los Cabos Offshore Tournament (LCO) is now very likely. Pretty much all of the wind forecast models are now predicting tropical storm-force winds at our doorstep at 8:00 a.m. Friday.

Given that the port will now most likely be closed on both of the scheduled fishing days of the Los Cabos Offshore Tournament and understanding all of the logistics all of you have been going through these past days, we have come up with what we think is one hell of an idea.

With all of this said, rather than just outright canceling the LCO, our brilliant minds came up with the idea to run the LCO next week at the same time as the Black & Blue Tournament (B&B). This means you will have the opportunity to participate in either tournament or both tournaments simultaneously.

For those of you who are not able to fish next week, we totally understand, and refunds will be made by our published rules about the cancellation of a tournament.

In addition to all of this and given the reality of a hurricane being here this weekend, we feel we must give you extra time next week to get everything in order so we can have the safest event(s) possible. For this reason, we have changed the B&B and LCO tournament schedule as follows:

The tournament(s) will be 2-day fishing event(s) with registration being on Wednesday and fishing on Thursday and Friday. Our awards banquet will remain on Saturday night where we'll present the awards for both tournaments.  For the Black & Blue, the entry fee structure will remain the same, however, the prize money will be divided into two days instead of three days.

We know most of you came here for two tournaments, and we want to give you two tournaments. We think this is a kick-butt way to do it given the circumstances.

Now that we've thrown all of this at you, we'll let you digest it and we'll be getting you more details as quickly as we can.

Whatever you decide to do about the LCO, we totally understand and want you to come by the scheduled LCO registration and angler bags pick up tomorrow from 3:00 to 7:00 at Luxury Avenue. Whether you're going to be fishing it next week with us or receiving a refund, we want you to get your team bags.... and yes, if you haven't already, you can still enter either tournament, or both.

Thank you all hugely for working with us this past week as we tried to navigate the best course for all involved.

Most sincerely, Wayne, Tricia, and the whole Bisbee team.